Geometry and Visualization

Our Research and Development

The work in our research group focuses on interactive visualisation of mathematical structures. Our topics  span a broad spectrum ranging from mathematical foundations, via the development of authoring systems to the creation of educational content for a broad range of scenarios.<\/p><p>In the context of mathematical foundations we care for the special requirements that arise if mathematical scenarios are presented in an interactive content. Our topics here range from continuity questions in dynamic geometry, via data structures in geometric visualization to the development of fast parallel algorithms.

Major software projects maintained by our group include the System Cinderella\/CindyJS a systemwide, that whose development started in 1992 and is constantly improved over the last 26 years. It forms the basis of numerous visualisation projects used in exhibitions and education.

Collaborations with science museums and math exhibitions as well as with the TUM School of Education form a constant source of motivation for our developments. Our local mathematics exhibition ix-quadrat is mainly run by our group and attracts many visitors of all ages.

Topics and Projects