Zi  Ye

Zi Ye

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Zi Ye

Discrete Diffential Geometry

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Short Bio

I'm currently a PhD student under the supervision of Tim Hoffmann, working on the SFB project Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics». Before, I did my master at the university of Göttingen and my bachelor at Tongji university. I visited Igarashi lab at the University of Tokyo from April to September 2019.

Papers and Preprints:

  • with Diamanti, Tang, Guibas, Hoffmann. A unified discrete framework for intrinsic and extrinsic Dirac operators for geometry processing, pdf, Symp. on Geom. Proc. (2018), 1st Prize Best Paper Award, code».
  • with Hoffmann. A discrete extrinsic and intrinsic Dirac operator, Experimental Mathematics, preprint».
  • with Umetani, Igarashi, Hoffmann. Deep Curvature Learning, in submission.
  • with Kobayashi, Hoffmann. Discrete Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces on General Graphs, preprint.