Tim Hoffmann

Prof. Tim Hoffmann

Prof. Tim Hoffmann

angewandte computergestützte Mathematik (applied computer aided mathematics)

group: discrete differential geometry

e-mail: tim.hoffmann(at)ma.tum.de

phone: +49 (0)89 / 289 183-84

room: MA 02.06.021

consultation-hour: on appointment

Twitter: http://twitter.com/timhoffmann



Associate professor für Mathematik TUM seit 2008.

Arbeitsgebiete: Diskrete Differentialgeometrie und mathematische Visualisierung.

teaching 2020 (online-only at the moment)

The courses will most likely be held in a  "mixed-media" way with videos, Skript pages, , live-sessions, and exercises.

Differentialgemetrie: Grundlagen (moodle course pages)

discrete differential geometry (moodle course pages)