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  • Diskrete Geometrie
  • Kombinatorik
  • Coxetergruppen
  • Topologie


Wintersemester 2021/22

  • Übungsleitung zur Linearen Algebra 1 [MA0004]
  • Mathematik-Visualisierung [MA2210]



  • Combinatorial inscribability obstructions for higher-dimensional polytopes
    with Joseph Doolittle, Jean-Philippe Labbé, Rainer Sinn, Jonathan Spreer, and Günter M. Ziegler
    Mathematika 66 (2020), pp. 927-953.
  • Cambrian Acyclic Domains: Counting c-singletons
    with Jean-Philippe Labbe
    Order 37 (2020), pp. 571-603.
  • Associahedra via spines
    with Vincent Pilaud
    Combinatorica 38 (2018), pp. 443-486.
  • Frustration index and Cheeger inequalities for discrete and continuous magnetic Laplacians
    with Shipling Liu, Norbert Peyerimhoff and Olaf Post
    Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 54 (2015), pp. 4165-4196.
  • Minkowski decomposition of associahedra and related combinatorics
    Discrete and Computational Geometry 50 (2013), pp. 903-939.
  • Optimal topological simplification of discrete functions on surfaces
    with Ulrich Bauer and Max Wardetzky
    Discrete Computational Geometry 47 (2012), pp.347-377.
  • Permutahedra and generalized associahedra
    with Christophe Hohlweg and Hugh Thomas
    Advances in Mathematics 226 (2011), pp. 608-640.
  • Isometry classes of generalized associahedra
    with Nantel Bergeron, Christophe Hohlweg and Hugh Thomas
    Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire 61A (2009), 13 pages.
  • Zur Geometrie von Frühstückseiern(in german)
    with Konrad Polthier and Udo Simon
    Mathematische Semesterberichte 56 (2009), pp. 1-14.
  • Realizations of the associahedron and cyclohedron
    with Christophe Hohlweg
    Discrete and Computational Geometry 37 (2007), pp. 517-543.
  • On generalized Kneser hypergraph colorings
    with Günter M. Ziegler
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 114 (2007), pp. 159-166.
  • Anisotropic smoothing of point sets
    with Konrad Polthier
    Computer Aided Geometric Design 22 (7) (2005), pp 680--692.
  • Box complexes, neighbourhood complexes, and the chromatic number
    with Peter Csorba, Ingo Schurr, and Arnold Wassmer
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 108 (2004), pp. 159-168



  • Some volume identities for W-permutahedra
    Discrete Geometry Seminar, FU Berlin, Januar 2019.
  • Cayley graphs of finite Coxeter groups, Colin de Verdiere matricess and convex polytopes
    EPSRC WorkshopGeometry and Computation on Groups and Complexes, Newcastle University, June 2016.
  • Cayley graphs of finite Coxeter groups, Colin de Verdiere matricess and convex polytopes
    Oberseminar Theoretische Informatik, ETH Zürich, May 2016.
  • Generaliyed permutahedra and signed Minkowski decompositions
    Forschungsseminar Algebra/Algebraische Geometrie, FU Berlin, June 2015
  • Signed graphs, nested set complexes and spines
    Kolloquium des SFB/Transregio 109Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics, TU München, January 2015.
  • Many polytopal realizations of generalized associahedra
    GGA-Seminar, Newcastle University, March 2014.
  • Many polytopal realizations of generalized associahedra
    Geometry and Topology Seminar, Durahm University, March 2014.
  • Revisit constructions of associahedra
    Oberseminar Algebra und Geometrie, Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg, January 2014.
  • Realizations of generalized Associahedra and related combinatorics
    Oberseminar Algebra und Algebraische Kombinatorik, Leibniz Universität Hannover, January 2014.