Bernhard Werner

Bernhard Werner

Dr. Bernhard Werner

werner (at)


Teach@TUM Toolbox Lehrerbildung 

& Geometry and Visualization



In Garching:

Tel: +49 (0)89 / 289 18362

Room: MI 02.06.053


At the School of Education:

Tel: +49 (0)89 / 289 25175

Room: 276 at Marsstraße 20-22






My dissertation

"Stroke-based Handwriting Recognition - Theory and Applications"


Link to the dissertation on the website of the university's libary  


An interactive schoolbook about the introduction of fractions for 6th graders.


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Toolbox Lehrerbildung

An interactive learning platform for student teachers in which psychological, didactical and scientific topics are taught together.

(Note that it is in German only.)


Link to the project website 


A library for the dynamic geometry software CindyJS with a focus on an animation module.

(At the moment it's still not well documented and a work in progress anyway.)


Link to the Github Repository 


An interactive mathematical fairy tale for children and teenagers. Created with the dynamic geometry software CindyJS and in cooperation with Imaginary.


Link to the project website