Cinderella is a project with the longest tradition in our research group. Originally started in 1992 on the NeXTStep platform it was initially developed as an interactive interface for an invariant theory based  automatic geometry theorem prover. From there is has undergone several transitions. Being one of the major systems for dynamic geometry it now transformed into a general tool for mathematics visualisation. It is used in a broad variety of contexts and forms the backbone of many interactive mathematics visualisation projects from internet platforms, via apps, to educational content and interactive material for science exhibitions.

A great emphasis of the project is on its mathematical correctness and the close interplay of fundamental research and practical implementation. At the same time we aim for an end user friendly authoring system that is capable to be used reliably in various contexts.

Currently Cinderella is undergoing a major transition to the JavaScript based platform CindyJS. This project is run as an open source project and makes use of modern browser technology allowing even for highly performant GPU based visualisation.

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Cooperation with TUM School of Education

Over the last five years there have been intense collaboration projects with the TUM School of Education.These projects serve two major purposes; Development of concrete digital educational content that could be used in the class room and in teacher education and the evaluation of such materials in concrete realistic scenarios.

ALICE Fractions: is a project in which we developed an interactive eBook about fractions that can be used in schools and in private learning scenarios. The Book is extensively enriched by interactive exercises (based on CindyJS) that create an intuitive, hands-on and haptic approach to the learning situation. It was successively evaluated in a broad study involving over 29 school classes with all together around 1500 students.

Toolbox Teacher Education: is a project in the context of the Teach@TUM Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung. Here we develop materials for teacher education that closely interconnect educational sciences, didactics and the actual content to be taught. For each of the topics that are treated a sequence of educational videos, interactive content and extensive learning materials are produced.   

Exhibitions and Visualisations

One major part of my outreach activities is the close collaboration with exhibitions and science communicators.Among others they include the German Museum in Munich, the Museum of Minerals and Mathematics in Oberwolfach, the MoMath in New York and the imaginary exhibition operating worldwide.

On the one hand  our CindyJS framework is used as a backbone for many software installations in these exhibitions. On the other hand I actively participate in the development of exhibits and educational materials both digital and hands-on in the context of these exhibitions.


Our on campus mathematics exhibition ix-quadrat was opened in 2002. Since then it attracted an ever increasing population of visitors. By now the exhibition hosts around 250 visiting groups a year ranging from pre-school kids via middle and high school to university students and scientists.

The exhibition celebrates the beauty of mathematics and it is a blend of hands on experiences and interactive digital content. The topics in the exhibition include symmetry, perspectives, tilings and patterns, space filling structures, calculation machines and many more. We also offer special hands on workshops on specific topics. 

For further information and booking contact us directly via: ix-quadrat

App Development

A large part of my activity over the last years is dedicated to the development of mathematics related content that is accessible on mobile devices. Much of the content available in our exhibition projects is also accessible in digital form on tablets and mobile phones. The projects include:

Math-To-Touch: a selection of visualisations highlighting different areas of mathematics

TUM interactive: an app cerated in context of the 150 years celebration of our university that offers a playful access to scientific topics related to each of our faculties

iOrnament and iOrnament Crafter: Two apps focused on the creation of symmetric patterns and their relation to symmetry theory. See iOrnaments Instagram page for to get an impression of the possibilities. The apps are equally popular among pro artists, mathematicians, kids and casual doodlers. The app was winner of the educational users choice Tabby Awards and highlighted by Apple in various contexts.

Mind the gap: An interactive language Learning app that allows for language learning in context.

Go here for more information about my app projects.

Mathe Vital

Mathe Vital is an internet portal that provides interactive content for teaching mathematics on university level. The collection contains materials for classes in linear algebra, discrete mathematics, geometry, numerics, etc. as well as special courses on maths and music or maths and plant growth.

The project was distinguished with he tried-national Media-Prix   

Disclaimer: Currently Mathe-Vital is under construction we are making a transition to the JavaScript based CindyJS script platform. However still many contests require a Java enabled browser.